Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nice to know you are out there.

I got a bit of a kick this weekend when I was doing some investigation into the links that refer back to this site. In amongst them was one that I just Had to go check out! It seems that someone has used BallroomDanceThing as a reference for a Wikipedia page!

The page is explaining CBMP - or Contra Body Movement Position - and my definition of it here in the Glossary, was one of the sources sited. I cant tell you how much this tickles me... but it also shows that this blog is getting out there.

When I started writing it, I was frustrated with the fact that there was such a great resurgence in dance awareness, but far too little support out there for people learning. I do realise that there are countless videos you can buy which teach you a certain teacher's methods, or even the various association affiliated technique videos. There are also a variety of places you can buy resource materials in print or online form.... but for free? Not much.

So every time that I look at the analytics of this site and see them going up, I feel really pleased that there are other people out there that were obviously feeling the same. I just wanted to say thank you to those of you that have (and do) read this blog. I hope that it has helped you and I know it has helped me. It has often been said that the best way to learn something is to teach it... which is very true... and for me, being able to put it down here in words and diagrams has been as much of a learning experience as doing it for the first time was. I have had to question my instinctive interpretations of some steps, and quite often have to make sure that it is all at least as clear as mud before publishing it for you.

But, no matter what has brought you to this site, I hope it has been helpful and given you what you were looking for. Please don't hesitate to comment on anything and know that I do appreciate your feedback.

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