Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Slow Foxtrot - Three Step

Following your Reverse Turn, the most likely thing that you will do, is a Three Step. Much like its name, it is comprised of three steps and is similar to the Feather Step in that regard. Unlike the Feather Step, the Three Step does not go outside partner.

We begin this step facing/backing Diagonal Wall (where we finished the Reverse Turn).

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

Starting with your Right foot, you have three steps, (R,L,R) forward and in line with your partner. There is a sway in the upper body lifting the right side forward and up which helps you get back in front of her after the end of the Reverse Turn. (Slow, Quick, Quick)

Followers'/Lady's Footwork

This, like the Feather Step, for the Lady is a fairly simple step. You have three steps backwards (Left, Right, Left) with no foot rise. You partner is in line with you and you have sway which pulls your left side back and up. (Slow, Quick, Quick)

Notes for both the Leader and the Follower:

- Don't forget that this is Ballroom. Gents, take forward steps with heels first, and Ladies, release the toes of your front foot as you transfer weight back onto the step you have just taken.

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  1. "Starting with your Right foot, you have three steps, (R,L,R) forward" - Are you sure you start with R???