Friday, February 25, 2011

Slow Foxtrot - Reverse Turn

Following on from the Feather Step last explained, the next commonly used step in Slow Foxtrot is a Reverse Turn.

This is the first time that the follower will be doing one of the staples of the Slow Foxtrot as far as the follower is concerned - the Heel Turn! Ladies, this will take practice and a lot of repetition before it starts to feel 'natural' so stick with it and don't cheat by turning it into a normal step.

Remember, this dance is characterised by the fact that the feet almost always pass my each other - so it should move and get its fluidity from this.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

As you are still facing Diagonal Centre after your Feather Step, that is where this step also begins. You are currently on the outside of your partner, so the first step onto your Left foot should aim to get you back in line with her. As your partner goes into her heel turn, you step with your right foot to the side, swinging yourself as much around your partner as possible to end up facing the wall to your left as you step back on your Left. (Slow, Quick, Quick). This is important as your partner will be pulled/pushed off of her heel turn if you don't get around her on your own.

You have one more step backwards with your Right foot before stepping side and slightly forward on your Left foot to point Diagonally to Wall. Then one more step forward (in CBMP) with your Right foot - this is outside your partner. (Slow, Quick, Quick)

Followers'/Lady's Footwork

As you finished the Feather Step Backing Diagonal Centre, that is where you begin this step. Step back on your Right foot then bring your left foot together with your Right foot as you turn (Heel Turn) to face the LOD. Bring the weight onto the balls of your feet (without rising) and step forward onto your Right foot. (Slow, Quick, Quick) This third step should go between your partner's legs - do not try to step outside of him at this stage.

You then have one step forward on your Left foot, a step to the side on your Right foot, and a step back with your Left foot in CBMP. (This IS outside partner... but it is up to Him to make that happen, not you!) (Slow, Quick, Quick)

Notes for both the Leader and the Follower:

 - The first step that the Lady takes after her heel turn should come straight forward between the Gent's legs. This is only possible if she has completed the turn - not overturned - and feels that her partner is far enough around her that she wont step on him! Gents, if you do not get far enough around your partner on the Side step (your second step), she will not be able to do this properly.... get around her and help her out, please!

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