Friday, February 11, 2011

Quickstep - Running Finish

A nice way to finish off the last quickstep sequence we looked at, which finished with the Leader backing LOD (it can also be danced when the Leader starts Backing Diagonal Wall) is the Running Finish. The key to this step is in its name. It should feel like a run! When danced properly, it has a great feel to it that gives you momentum - which in Quickstep is what it is all about!

The diagrams below show Back Lock, and then Running Finish. (Only the Running Finish is counted as it is the only thing actually explained in the step breakdowns.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

In this case you are starting Backing LOD (this step can also be done on other alignments), and it is three quick and simple steps. Start by stepping backwards onto your Left foot. Opening your body to the right, step side onto your Right foot and then continue the body movement to step forward (most likely facing Diagonal Wall of New LOD) - wihch means that your Left side is leading. My preferred counting for this is Quick, Quick, Slow; though it is also correct to do Slow, Quick, Quick - to me this breaks the momentum at the beginning and makes it a little trickier to get around.

The next step after this will be outside partner, but can take you into any other Natural figure.

Follower's/Lady's Footwork

For once the Lady is facing LOD at the beginning of a step. Start by stepping forward with your Right foot. Step side onto your Left foot as you feel your partner begin to turn and then backwards onto your Right foot. It is worth noting that at this point, your right shoulder is also pulled back. As mentioned above, my preferred counting for this step is Quick, Quick, Slow, however, it is also correct to dance it Slow, Quick, Quick.

Notes for the Leader and Follower:

- The sway in this movement is what really gives it the nice rush of momentum that you should be aiming to achieve. Guys, you are swaying to the Left on the second and third steps, therefore, Ladies, you are to the Right.


  1. Again, very helpful. Thank you for the diagrams. You know, the one thing that is driving me crazy about the Quickstep is the irregularity of the step pattern. It isn't a consistent Slow-Slow-Quick-Quick. Sometimes, it's Slow-Quick-Quick. Sometimes it's Slow-Slow-Slow. That totally throws me off. I can not predict. I can not recover. Other dances stay in pattern. In a Cha-Cha, I always know what's coming next. I might step in the wrong direction or my hips might spiral out of control, but I will always step ON TIME (and for me, one out of three ain't bad!) Not so with Quickstep. I'm frequently scoring zero out of three! (Oh, should I mention I'm a Follower?) Anyhow, if you could provide some suggestions in a future post, that would be greatly appreciated. Love your blog. Thank you so much for this informative and valuable on-line resource. I feel like I've found a treasure chest!

  2. Unfortunately, there isnt really a set pattern that you can follow - and playing with the rhythms is part of the fun of dancing... all I can say is that your lead should be able to tell you with his movement (whether fast, slow, sharp, etc) what he intends for you to do.... your job is to make sure the connection between you is maintained and that you are allowing your lead to actually lead you. (A more challenging skill than we realise sometimes!) Most of all, especially with the quickstep, remember to breathe!