Monday, March 21, 2011

Tango - Natural Twist Turn

Starting from Promenade Position, this step is a good one for playing around with the dynamics of Tango as the man's rhythm is slightly different to the lady's - but both still work together to complete the step.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

In Promenade Position, with your weight on your Right foot and your Left foot extended to the side (knees bent, knees, hips, and bellybuttons still to your partner, only your Left shoulder opened slightly to the LOD), take your first step with your Left foot moving along the LOD. Continue moving along LOD as you bring your Right foot forward and across in Promenade Position and CBMP. (You should be really twisted up at this point!) (Slow, Quick)

Untwist to step side onto your Left foot, getting as far around your partner as possible and blocking her forward movement. Your body will likely be backing Diagonal Centre at this point. As you cross your Right foot behind your left (toe only) you should continue the turn and be Backing LOD. (Quick, Slow)

With your weight on your Right foot primarily, untwist until your legs are side by side and then continue the turn on your Right leg but carry your Left with it so that you end up in Promenade Position where you started! Obviously you dont actually have any steps here, but the followers do... so the count in which you should complete this is Quick, Quick. (I know it looks messy... but you try drawing a movement that the foot stays in place but turns!)

Followers'/Ladies' Footwork

Starting in Promenade position, you have your weight on your Left foot with your Right foot lightly resting on the ground to the side whilst your knees, hips, and belly button  are facing your partner, you open your Right shoulder slightly down the line of dance and turn your head to the right. Step off on your Right foot and then take another step down LOD with your Left foot which will put you in CBMP and promenade position at the same time - prepare to twist! On the next step, your partner will take a step which puts his body blocking you but it is important that your step still goes straight forward - which should mean that you step directly between his legs. (Slow, Quick, Quick)

Then it is as if you are walking around him. Keep your upper body turned towards him and use him as the centre of your circle as you take two steps (Left, Right) forward and around him. (Slow, Quick) The third step (Left foot) is to the side to end up back where you started, in Promenade position - be sure to transfer your weight AND change your body direction into PP on this last step... and all on a Quick count!

Notes for both the Leader and the Follower:

- Guys, your turn and bringing the Left leg around without weight, whilst keeping your balance and centre strength.... will take practice. Try to get this movement as smooth as possible. Ladies, you are still moving while the guys turn... try not to walk too far away from them or you may pull them off balance.

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