Sunday, January 17, 2010

Samba - Style

The style of Samba is one that is very different from the rest of the Latin Dances. Based more on the bounce motion that is integral to the movement, Samba uses the forward and backwards movement of the pelvis in conjunction with the bend and stretch of the knees rather than purely side to side hip movement.

As many people know, Samba originated in Brazil and though formalized in the Ballroom and Latin syllabus, should still bring to mind a party spirit and a sense of fun.

One of the hardest Ballroom/Latin dances to dance socially, the Samba has a lot of movements that are done out of the closed hold and which generally require the partners to be very clear with and aware of what their partner is doing. There are tonnes of variations on the basic steps and attention should be taken to make no assumptions about which variation will be done.

One of the key elements to making the Samba feel correct is the bounce which should go down on the full count (1, 2, etc) and up on the half beat (&) or delayed until the "a" - which occurs on the last quarter beat. This bounce is then used to drive the movements and is manipulated to create the different rhythms within the dance.

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