Monday, October 26, 2009

Quickstep - Style

As you can expect from the name, the Quickstep is a rather fast dance. This requires fast footwork and a light, easy, approach to the movements. The upper body should remain as smooth and unaffected as possible, while the legs and feet work quickly underneath.

The rise and fall of the dance helps to provide the momentum needed to drive along the long lines, but being able to stop immaculately and show some complex footwork is also usually an element of show/competitive choreography.

A fast and upbeat dance, the Quickstep has similarities to the Social Foxtrot and has a crossover of steps from dances like the Waltz as well, but uses the rise and fall more conservatively than the Waltz and also can incorporate elements of Charleston and other swing dances of the early 30's.

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  1. I see you haven't added anything for a while but just thought I'd comment.

    My wife and I have social danced for over thirty years and were recently asked to share what we knew with a group of friends.

    Your site has been a great help in formalising things we'd always "just done" so we could break the dances down, step by step. There's even a couple of new steps we might try and add to our own "routines".

    Thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated.