Monday, October 05, 2009

Social Foxtrot - Style

With a good base now in the elementary steps, I think that it is time that we mention a few things about each dance that contribute to the unique characteristics of each one. Aside from the actual foot patterns, every dance in the Ballroom and Latin repertoire has individual characteristics that help to make it look and feel different from the rest.

Social Foxtrot is one of those dances that can be done to almost any piece of 4 beat music but is generally done to something nice and swingy.

Unlike most of the other Ballroom dances, Social Foxtrot is a bit more loose in terms of the hold and allows you to add a bit of sway into the upper body. There is also a bit of a bounce that can be put into the knees, especially during your Slow steps, though the footwork rules of generally stepping forward onto a heel and backwards through the foot still apply. Body contact is not necessary.

Generally, have fun with this dance! It should be relaxed and you should allow yourself to play with the steps as the music tells you.

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