Friday, July 03, 2009

Rumba - Fan

Fan Position is a common staple that is used in Rumba and Cha Cha regularly. It is a natural following step from something like the Open Hip Twist that was described last week; amongst other things!

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

Often this is done on the second half of a set of steps, therefore meaning that you step back on your Right foot on Count 2, replace the weight onto your Left foot on count 3, and then, in order to maintain a connection with your partner, step forward and slightly to the side on your Right foot on Count 4-1 so that you end up on a diagonal.

You should have connection with your partner through your Left arm/hand and should ensure that you actually lead her movements and dont just assume that she will do everything in the direction and at the times that you want her to. You should be familiar with her steps so that you know when she should be where.
Followers'/Lady's Footwork

For the moment, think that you have just finished your open hip twist, you are standing there with your weight on your Right foot and are facing the side. Your Right hand is in your partner's Left and it is wrapped in front of your body. This is a common place to do the fan, and though the footwork doesn't change much if you are going into it from a different step, the beginning position probably will.

Step forward on Left foot on Count 2. Take another step forward on Count 3. As you transfer your weight onto the Right foot, unwind on Count "and" to face the wall behind you and then step back onto your Left foot on Count 4-1, leaving your Right foot extended and pointed in front of you.
Notes for both the Leader and the Follower:

- Ladies: dont walk too far away from your partner. You only have the total distance of the length of your arm combined with the length of his... and neither should EVER be completely straight. Gents: you can prevent her getting too far away by keeping your elbow in close to your waist on the first two steps.

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