Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tango - Open Reverse Turn Outside Partner

The Open Reverse Turn, Outside Partner is a very scary sounding name for 6 steps. But you needn't be worried! As with the other reverse turns you have done in other dances so far, this turn will be going to the Left and for the gentlemen, starts on the Left foot. As the title says, part of the turn will happen stepping outside your partner's feet instead of inside as you would usually do.

The counts for this step are "Quick, Quick, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow"

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

Starting diagonally to your nearest wall, take one step forward on your Left foot. (Quick) Step side onto your Right foot, placing your back to the nearest wall, (Quick) and then step back with your Left foot putting your body in CBMP (keeping your shoulders to your partner/parallel to the wall but your hips and feet facing the wall that you have to your Left). (Slow) At this stage, you and your partner should not be in line, but more beside one another.

Step back on your Right foot, curving the step to continue the turn. (Quick) (You should be almost facing the nearest wall again.) Then step side on your Left foot (Quick) and close your Right to your left to complete the turn and end facing diagonal to wall as you started. (Slow)

Followers'/Lady's Footwork

You start backing diagonal to wall and take your first step back with your Right foot (this step has already begun to turn). (Quick) Then step side on your Left, to face the nearest wall. (Quick) The next step is forward towards the diagonal on your Right foot, but is not taken in line. (Slow) Your foot therefore should be between you and your partner and your body will be in CBMP (your upper body, still in hold, is facing your partner and your lower body has assumed the new alignment - creating a twist in your body).

Step forward again, this time on your Left foot (continuing to turn) and side on your Right foot to put your back to the nearest wall. (Quick, Quick) The last step is to close your Left foot to your Right and finish backing diagonal wall again. (Slow)

Notes for both Leader and Follower:

- Throughout this step, and regardless of what your feet are doing, make sure that your belly buttons are facing each other. This will ensure that you maintain the proper hold and upper body posture even when your feet start to go in other directions!

- Do NOT try to stay in line with your partner for all these steps! For once you are allowed to be on the outside, but dont let that affect your hold.

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