Monday, July 27, 2009

Quickstep - Natural Turn

(After getting all out of sync last week, I will aim to get back on track now... sorry for any inconvenience!)

Great for getting out of corners, the Natural Turn in Quickstep is slightly different from those you have seen in waltz so far. The timing changes from a straight forward "Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow" pattern and becomes "Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow, Slow" over the course of the six steps.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

Starting Diagonal to Wall, step forward onto your Right foot. As you do this you should already be turning your shoulders to the Right to begin the turn. On the "Quick, Quick" you Step side onto your Left foot and then close your Right foot to your Left having completed just over a quarter of a turn and ending facing the wall that used to be behind you.

Step backwards onto your Left foot and continue to turn to the Right as you take another step this time to the side onto your Right foot, doing what is called a Heel Pull before stepping forward on your Left. All of these are Slow counts!

What is a Heel Pull?
The technique book is quite specific on how a proper Heel Pull should be done. In basic terms, the turn is completed on the heel of the supporting foot, which means that you need to step first and THEN turn. The moving foot (in this case your Left foot) is pulled to follow the other foot - back and to the side. It is moved with the inside of the foot on the floor, leading with your heel, and is always kept a small distance from the supporting foot.

Follower's/Lady's Footwork

For once your feet are simpler than the guy's - you dont have a Heel Pull!
Start by stepping backwards onto your Left foot. You partner should already be initiating the turn to the Right and therefore causing you to rotate your upper body in the right direction. Step side and then together with your Right then Left feet. You should now be facing LOD.

Next go forward with your Right foot, continuing to turn to the Right. Side onto your Left foot and backwards onto your Right. Remember... all of these steps are Slow counts.

Notes for both the Leader and the Follower:

- This step is done here going around a corner and getting you back facing Diagonal to Wall on the new alignment. It can be done with varying degrees of turn if necessary.

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