Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Cover of Dance Today Magazine

This is a little bit late, but I thought I would mention it anyways!

One of the other things that I do, aside from write/badly draw these blogs for you, is photography. I have a company that, if you are interested, can be found at or you can go see a bit of a different gallery on the Facebook group at .

But what does this have to do with dancing? I hear you ask.
No, this is not just shameless self promotion, I promise!

Back in February I took some photos for some friends of mine that ended up being used as the cover of Dance Today Magazine. The friends are Andrew Cuerden and Hanna Haarala, Latin American Professionals; who, aside from their glittering competitive career, fantastic shows, and teaching, are sometimes known from their exposure in Series Three of Strictly Come Dancing. They were fronting a large dance exhibition here in London called Move It and the people at Dance Today decided that they should also be on the front of the Magazine edition that was not only going to all the regular readers/distributors, but also was going to be given out to all the people who attended Move It as well!

As I love Andrew and Hanna and am pretty proud of the shots that we got for them, I thought I would share them with you here too!

Some of my favourites are below, and you can see how the magazine itself looked by going to the Dance Today site, here:

*all images are copyright Sheard Photography - no use can be made without prior consent*

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