Monday, March 30, 2009

Tango - Two walks and Rock Turn

Moving on from where we left off last week, you can easily add the following combination to extend the sequence of tango steps already listed.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

Take two steps forward starting with your Left foot. (Slow, Slow)

Take a small step backwards and slightly turning your body to face diagonally towards the corner from which you have just been travelling using your Left foot. (Quick)

Rock forward onto your Right foot (Quick) and then back onto your Left again (Slow).

Step backwards on your Right foot (Quick), step side on your Left foot (Quick), and use your Right foot to close your feet together (Slow), turning your shoulders (and therefore your partner) back towards the original corner on the second step.

Follower's/Lady's Footwork

Take two steps backwards starting with your Right foot. (Slow, Slow)

With your right foot between your partner's legs, rock forward onto your Right Foot. (Quick) You should use this step to turn about 90 degrees to be backing the corner from which you have just come.

Rock back onto your Left foot. (Quick) And then forwards again onto your Right. (Slow)

Step forward onto your Left foot (Quick), side onto your Right foot - which is when you return to your original alignment (Quick) and close your Left foot to your right (Slow).

Notes for both the Leader and Follower:

- Remember, tango is a stalking dance - your knees should be bent the whole time!

- The total amount of turn should be approximately 90 degrees over the first 5 steps and returning back to where you began over the last 3

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