Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Glossary - Inside Partner / In Line

Stepping "inside your partner" or "in-line" indicates that you are walking on the same track as your partner - placing your foot where theirs has just been and stepping 'between' their legs.


  1. noooo! There are four tracks for four feet. The track for the man's right foot is *between* the two tracks for the lady's feet. Otherwise you'd be constantly treading on each other.

    The lady's right side should just cover the man's tie.


  2. I would agree that there are technically 4 tracks, however, in this case simplification was used to emphasise the concept.

    The 4 tracks, in my opinion, overlap slightly so that each foot is slightly offset from your partner's but not in a completely different line all together. This is a natural state of affairs when you are in proper hold with the follower on the Leader's right (see the glossary for further description).

    If proper connection is maintained, there will not be any treading on each other in this position. It is only if you are not leading properly or neglect to pay attention to how much of a step is being led that you will step on each other.

    And as people always hate to hear, if you are getting stepped on, it is Your fault as much as your partner's!