Friday, March 13, 2009

Jive - Change of Place

The Change of Place is a fancy way of saying that you turn the girl under your arm and out into an open position and then bring her back again. The rhythm of the footwork stays the same as in the basic movement ("back, step - 1,2,3 - 1,2,3")

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

Here's where it gets easy guys... your footwork is Exactly The Same as the Basic! All you need to do is raise your Left arm as you go into your first Chasse (the one to the Left) and give a slight nudge with your Right hand on your lady's back. This will help her turn as you continue with your Chasse step away from her. Do your Rock Step as usual, your Chasse to the Left and your partner will be coming back in the same direction as you as you Chasse to the Right.

Followers'/Lady's Footwork

Unfortunately, this step is a little more difficult for you than it is for the guys - but that means you get the fun bit!

Begin with your Rock Step as usual.

Take your first Chasse to the Left as usual. Your partner will indicate you are about to turn by lifting your Right arm.

Pivot on your Right foot, towards your right shoulder, on the third step of your chasse.

Over the next Chasse (the the Left) continue turning to end up facing the wall that was originally to your Right. (perpendicular to your partner)

Take your Rock Step there

and then chasse forward/to the side with your Right Foot

beginning to turn and bringing your Right shoulder forward as you pass under the raised arms over the course of the three steps,

pivoting on the last step
and swinging your Left Foot underneath you in the same movement (but not putting it on the ground yet)

to enable you to take your Chasse to the Left facing your partner.

Notes for Both the Leader and the Follower:

- Make sure you both keep the arm that is connected to your partner slightly bent and think about keeping your elbow close to your waist. If you allow your arm to stretch too far, you wont be able to do your back step away from each other without losing contact. Guys, it is also much easier to lead your lady if you keep her on a "tight leash" so to speak by keeping your arm close to you... this means you will always be able to direct her movement as necessary.

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