Thursday, February 11, 2010

Waltz - Closed Impetus

(Awaiting new drawing with correct amount of turn! - descriptions have been correct for Closed Impetus from the start... sorry for the confusion- I even confused myself this time!)

The Slow Foxtrot is full of heel turns for the lady but the Closed Impetus in Waltz is one of the occasions that it is necessary for the man to complete this slightly tricky move. The ladies footwork is very much like that of the Spin Turn. I am going to put it within a sequence so that you know one way of getting in and out of it.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

Begin with the first three steps of your Natural Turn. (Forward on your Right, commencing to turn to the right, side on your Left, close the feet together. At this point you should be facing the wall which was to your Right when you started.) Count 1, 2, 3

Step back onto your Left foot. Swing your Right foot back to join the Left as you pull your right side around and transfer the weight from your Left foot to your Right heel. This should have turned you to face diagonally into centre (3/8ths of a turn). Push forward onto your Right to as you continue to turn your body, releasing your Left foot in a step "backwards" which leaves you backing diagonally to centre and having turned another 1/4. Count 1, 2 (and), 3

You can then finish with 4-6 of your Reverse Turn. Step back on your Right commencing to turn to the Left. Step side onto your Right and close your Left to your Right ending facing Diagonally to Wall again (where you should have started). Count 1, 2, 3

Follower's/ Lady's Footwork

Much like the spin turn, you start with the first three steps of a Natural Turn. Step backwards onto your Left foot, commencing to turn. Step side onto your Right foot and close your Left foot to the Right to face LOD. Count 1, 2, 3

Step forward into your partner with your Right foot. Step to the side (around your partner) with your Left foot. Brush your Right foot towards your left as you continue to turn (with no weight) and then step forward on it, facing Diagonally Centre. Count 1, 2,3

Finish with 4-6 of the Reverse Turn. Step forward onto your Left foot, starting to turn to the Left, side on your Right foot and close your Left foot to your Right to finish backing diagonal to wall.

Notes for Both the Leader and the Follower:
- Be aware of where your partner is needing to finish each of the steps. When the man is doing the heel turn, ladies, do not try to pull them in any way as they will not be able to move to keep up with you. Same goes in reverse as the gents come out of the heel turn as this is when the ladies are doing their brushed step.
- All of these steps should be taken in line with your partner!


  1. An open impetus ends in promenade position. This step that is being described should be listed as a closed impetus.

  2. Agreed, I had changed it because I had drawn the wrong amount of turn and didnt re-read the post before renaming it... I havent had time to re-draw the step yet! Sorry!

    Have renamed it (again) and checked that the description was right for the Closed Impetus - which it has been from the start. It was my diagram which was wrong and which confused me slightly to renaming the post incorrectly the first time.

    Sorry for any confusion! (But thanks for pointing it out to me!)