Monday, May 18, 2009

Social Foxtrot - Pivot Turn

A slightly more complicated step for this generally simple dance, is the Pivot Turn. This looks impressive and gives a great feeling of controlled spinning when done properly.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

Begin this step just like your promenade. Step forward onto your Left foot (Slow) and again forward on your Right (Slow), with your Quick Quick being used to take a small step forward on your Left foot and then a small step side onto your Right - placing yourself and your partner in promenade position.

Take the next two Slow steps as walks forward: Left, Right. On the next Quick, step in front of your partner to face against Line of Dance, cutting her off and ending up with her foot between your legs.

Pivot on your Left foot, swinging your Right foot around to face Line of Dance again (keeping your partner on your right side!) on the second Quick.

Still in promenade, step forward onto your Left foot, as in the basic, and forward again with the Right foot. (Slow, Slow) And step side together, Left then Right, on the Quick, Quick to change your direction by a quarter turn.

You would then move backwards into the second half of your basic movement, for example.

Followers'/Lady's Footwork

The beginning of this step is exactly like your promenade. Step backwards onto your Right foot and again back onto your Left foot. (Slow, Slow) Take one small step back with your Right foot on your first Quick step and then a small step to the side on your Left for the second Quick.

Walk forward, Right, Left, on the next two Slow counts. Take another step forward with your Right foot. (Quick) Your partner should have stepped in front of you and should be blocking you with his body at this stage. Staying on the Right side of your partner, pivot on your Right foot, swinging your Left foot around on the second Quick.

Continue turning in that same direction (to the right) to take a step forward in promenade position on your Right foot for the next Slow step. Take another forward walk with your Left on the second Slow and then close in front of your partner back into standard hold as you take your Quick Quick, Right Left to complete a quarter turn.

Your next movement will likely be a forward walk as in the second half of your Basic Movement.

Notes for both the Leader and the Follower:

- This pivot happens on the Quick beats... therefore it is much easier to get all the way around if you are close to your partner. The further away from each other that you are, the more distance you have to cover. Try to stay close.

- Make sure you stay on the Right side of your partner. If you begin to get directly in front of each other, you will not be able to complete this step easily!

- Leaders, the more you step directly in front of your Ladies in the middle of the step, the easier it will be to get around for both of you.

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