Monday, May 11, 2009

Social Foxtrot - Check Step

You may have noticed we have come full circle around to the beginning again. Now that you have a base in each of the main social dances, we will continue to add steps in a cyclical manner. So, for three more weeks, you have Social Foxtrot!

You may also notice that there starts to be a bit of a crossover between the dances; some of the steps can be used (often with minor variations) in multiple styles. This step is one of those. You may remember the Check Step (or sometimes called "Rock Step") from Quickstep. As Social Foxtrot and Quickstep are very similar, this step is easily transferable.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

The man leads the first step forward (on his Left foot) but keeps the pressure behind the Lady's back to tell her that she is not going to keep moving backwards. He then rocks backwards to replace the weight onto his Right foot (Both of these being "Slow" counts)

and then takes the side together on the quick quick, starting on the Left foot and closing the right.

You can do this step with no turn, a quarter turn on the side together, or any amount of turn that is needed. You can do four in a row to go in a circle (if using a quarter turn) should you get blocked in somewhere on a busy floor, or one to help you navigate a corner.

Followers'/Lady's Footwork

As usual you will step back on the Right foot on a Slow count. Instead of continuing to move backwards though, you will be led by pressure on your back to rock forward onto your Left foot on the next slow.

Then the following two quicks are done as usual stepping side on your Right and together on your Left.

Notes for Both Leaders and Followers:

- The amount of turn you do is dictated by the motion in the man's upper body on initiating the movement. Turn the shoulders slightly pulling the left one back and right one forward as you initiate the turning portion of the step.

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