Monday, April 06, 2009

Tango - Five Step

The Five Step is actually a slightly misleading title for this step. Done over 5 beats (Quick, Quick, Quick, Quick, Slow) both partners only take 4 steps, with the Lady changing into Promenade Position on the fifth beat.

Start in tango hold, but be aware that most of the steps in this figure are Outside Partner.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

Stepping forward on your Left foot, lead your partner to move Against Line of Dance as you take your next step side and slightly back with your Right Foot. Your next step, with your Left Foot is back and across; also moving Against Line of Dance. You are travelling clockwise, but still facing the proper direction. And your last step, with your Right Foot, continues in that direction.

All of your steps are Quick's. The last thing that you need to do for the Slow count, is to turn your partner on your hip so that she is facing the same direction as you in Promenade Position.

Followers'/Lady's Footwork

Stepping back on your Right Foot, you should be given a bit of space by your partner so that you can take your next step with your Left foot, and the following on on your Right Foot, Outside your partner. Both of these steps are taken facing Against Line of Dance and are moving Against Line of Dance as well. Your last step, taken with your Left Foot, is also taken facing in this direction, but begins to bring you back in close with your partner as the next movement relies on a good connection with your partner. (All of these steps have been Quick's.)

On the last Slow count, you will be led to sharply face the other way - into Promenade Position - and to sit slightly into your Left leg. This movement should feel like you are being rotated around on the Man's hip.

Notes for the Leader and the Follower:

- Remember, your knees are bent in tango! AT ALL TIMES!!

- When you are in promenade position your knees should be facing your partner, not the direction you are planning to go. Only your shoulders get to open out a little to show the difference.

- After this step, you can do a Closed Promenade to get you back to a position in which you can do the other steps already listed here. That would mean that the sequence of the timing would be: Quick, Quick, Quick, Quick, Slow (five step), Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow (Closed Promenade)