Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quickstep - Lock Step

One of the steps that is strongly associated with the Quickstep is a Lock Step.

Done on the Man's forward portion of the Basic Movement, instead of turning the 90 degrees on the "Quick, Quick" it continues forward (backwards for Ladies) and the legs come together in a crossed position.

This type of movement plus the speed (and therefore momentum) of the dance is what allows the dynamic and floor covering qualities that define a good quickstep.

Leaders'/Men's Footwork

This step begins with your Right foot forward and then your Left foot following the same diagonal forward. Cross your Right foot behind your left so that your toes are pointing in opposite directions and your insteps are touching. (Your heels shouldnt be on the floor at this stage.) (Slow, Quick, Quick) Step forward onto your front/Left foot (Slow) forward again with your Right (Slow) before taking your quarter turn on the Quick Quick as in the Basic Movement.

Followers'/Lady's Footwork

Ladies, you are doing the natural opposite to the men. You begin with your Left foot going backwards, take another step backwards with your Right. Cross your Left foot in front of your Right foot - toes turned out and insteps together, heels off the ground. (Slow, Quick, Quick) Then take two more Slow steps backwards before taking your quarter turn on the Quick Quick as in the Basic Movement.

Notes for both the Leader and the Follower:

- The part of this step that is the "Lock" is done outside of partner. Gents, you take your second step slightly to the side in order to get outside your partner which both gives you room to do the lock step and tells your partner that it is coming. Do not make that a large movement to the side or allow your partner to suddenly be under your armpit! Keep your frame and the general line of dance, simply step slightly outside.

- This step can be followed by the second half of the basic movement.

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