Monday, January 26, 2009

BallroomDancething Is Here!

As a new resource for anyone who is just starting out on the journey to the dance floor, or for those that already know their way around, BallroomDancething is a place to pick up tips, steps, encouragement, understanding, to share in the excitement a good dance can bring, and to keep you up on that floor all night. Published two times a week (sometimes three), BallroomDancething will look at a Ballroom dance on Monday, a Latin dance on Friday, and thoughts and experiences of my own on Wednesdays.

A dance teacher for almost 10 years, Ballroom and Latin have become a recent addition to my repertoire and through my studies I found certain aspects of it trying and more than a little frustrating at times: specifically, all the documentation surrounding the steps themselves. There are tonnes of resources out there, dont get me wrong, it is just that quite often they are hard to understand, overly technical, or simply not suited to the level of dance that you are at when learning something for the first time. What I intend to do here is try to create an easy to follow and entertaining source for anyone that is looking for that extra bit of information about what they are learning/have learned.

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